"As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord", (Joshua 24:15)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are you Listening??

Every new year we resolve to do this or that, to change this...do more of this...do less of that! Yet most of us are completely over it within a few months, if not within the month!! As I find myself praying for my friends across the world, I realize that this is one part of me I can't change...my heart will forever be etched in Korah, Africa. Having been there twice...they are my family. So many family and friends made it possible for me to travel there, for this I will always be greatful. God had a plan and His plan was for me to fall in love with these beautiful people and I certainly have: I think about them daily, I pray for them often...my heart longs to be there. Looking back to last years resolutions....traveling across the globe was nowhere on my radar yet "listening to God closer" and "abiding in Him "..."trusting Him more" was! As I remember starting the year off purposfully listening for His voice, I begin to hear more of Him, feel more of Him. Before I knew it I was planning a mission trip across the world in April a mere 4 months after resolving to dedicate more of my life to Him, to His plan!..Having spent 21 days among these precious people....He changed my heart forever. I soon returned in August only to feel my pull to be there get stronger. See, I've decided to stop making promises I can't keep and setting goals I can't attain....but following the One who CAN! He has a plan for each of us and it is perfect. I can't image my life without Korah and my new family...I am so thankful I followed through and listened to the still small voice....are you listening? He will take you to places you've never dreamed....He will change your life! I pray everyone has a 2011 they'll never forget. Blessings to you and your family from the Walkers. Take some time and listen....it's a resolution we all need to set! Love you!

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  1. LOVE your heart friend! So glad you are going to begin to blog again! I would love to hear more about your recent trip!! (((Hugs))) ~TAMS